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Rules and FAQ (Read before joining!)


:bulletpurple: Becoming a Member:
--Click on the "Join Our Group" button at the top of our front page.
--Membership requests are automatically accepted, so once you request to join, simply refresh the page and you will have full access to the group that is available to members.

:bulletpurple: Submitting Art:
--Visit our "Gallery" tab.
--Click the button labeled "+Submit to this gallery" found on the top right of the screen.
--The artwork must be literature.
--PLEASE SELECT TO THE CORRECT FOLDER FOR YOUR DEVIATION BEFORE CLICKING SUBMIT. There is a button on the top of the submission interface labeled "Submitting to..." Click and select your correct folder BEFORE you press Submit.
--We accept all kinds of literature (poetry, lyrics, stories, etc.)

:bulletpurple: Group Behavior:
--Art theft will get you banned and reported.
--Respect is expected.
--If I hear several complaints about a deviant(s) greatly harassing others, said deviant(s) will be kicked from the group.

:bulletpurple: To Affiliate:
--All affiliates must be literature groups. We do not accept affiliations with general art groups, even if you do accept literature.
--If possible, we would appreciate if you could explain why would would like to become affiliated.


Q: Do you accept comics/manga?
A: Indeed we do! Please submit all comics and manga to the folder titled "Graphic Novels, Comics, Manga."

Q: Do you accept fanfiction?
A: Yes. We even have a folder for it simply titled "Fanfiction"

Q: Do you accept literature in foreign languages?
A: We most certainly do.

Q: Why can we only submit once per week into the Critique folder?
A: We only accept 1 per week because we want our members to limit their submissions to the ones they specifically want critiqued, not just every single piece. And we wish to conserve space.

Q: What is "Theme of the Week"?
A: The Themes are simply one broad idea put out every weekend. It is only to help people with inspiration, or just for fun.

Q: Is "Theme of the Week" a contest?
A: No. It's sole purpose is to help provide inspiration. There are no winners.

Q: Can we submit more than one deviation to "Theme of the Week?
A: Absolutely. And you may write as many as you wish. Or none.

Q: Regarding "Theme of the Week", may we post already existing deviations for the theme?
A: Yes.

Q: Regarding "Theme of the Week", are we supposed to submit them in a specific folder?
A: There is a "Theme of the Week" folder, but you do not have to submit your work there. For example, if you write a poem inspired by a Theme, you may submit it to "Theme of the Week" folder or to the "Poetry Free/Blank Verse" folder. Same goes with any other type of writing.

Q: Is there a word limit?
A: Nope. Make your works as long or short as you please.

Q: Do you accept visual poetry?
A: Poetry is poetry, so yes.

Q: Do you accept mature literature?
A: Yes. We even have a folder for it.

Q: Do you do "Monthly Challenge" anymore?
A: Unfortunately, the admin who ran Monthly Challenge, Paperback-Astronaut, has deactivated his account. With him gone, so is Monthly Challenge.
A Challenge is meant to challenge your skill as a writer, it is meant to push you into doing something you wouldn't originally do. Above all, it is meant to be fun.


Weekly Stats

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Oh dear, it's Monday! I'm late! No matter, here's our Theme of the Week. Moving on...

The near future, the far future. It doesn't matter. Be it tomorrow morning or ten-thousand years ahead, the future holds eternal change, for better or for worse.
Technology, evolution, philosophy, lifestyle, birth, death. Nothing lasts forever and everything can change by the minute. As writers, we'll keep making literature in the future.
Take a trip in that DeLorean DMC-12 vehicle and dip your pen in the very essence of time. Let the ideas of the future invade your mind.

Good luck,
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